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Brief Overview

The Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation (CMSAC) is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS).

It was established in 1986 to provide health and medical services to the Aboriginal people of Carnarvon and the surrounding areas.

CMSAC was incorporated on the 19 September 1986 under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations ACT 1976. The CMSAC is located in the centre of Carnarvon on property that is owned by the Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation.

The population of Carnarvon is approximately 10,000 people with a strong Indigenous Community. Aboriginal people compose approximately 15% of the town's populations.

CMSAC provides primary and secondary health programs and services to the community of Carnarvon and surrounding areas. including; : Mungullah Community and the Gascoyne Junction Community Also in 20/12/2013 , our services will be expand to Shark Bay and Coral Bay region.


Our Primary mission is to provide excellent holistic health care to the Indigenous and other persons in the community of Carnarvon and surrounding areas. This includes the following Primary and Secondary Health Services:

  • To provide, maintain and improve a national AGPAL Accredited, self dispensing medical practice supported by Specialist Dental and Allied Health Service.
  • To provide, maintain and improve a primary health care services as per the needs of the Indigenous community.
  • To provide, maintain and expand an optimum service for all Home and Community Care Clients.
  • To have functional top quality support services for the health care providers encapsulated in the following:
        * Adequate Funding to perform quality service.
        * Financial Stability.
        * Strong and effective administration with developed
        * Reliable transport of clients.
        * Maintenance of grounds and building to an
            acceptable standard



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Our facilities and service meet the demands of our community to benefit all